For a Dream
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Seventh Soul - For a Dream

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Artist: Seventh Soul
Title: For a Dream
Catalog: TM0184
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: EP
Embarking on a transcendental journey from the cultural hub of Tehran, Iran, Seventh Soul makes a spectacular debut on Timeless Moment with his EP "For a Dream", a sonic tapestry woven with melodic intricacies and ethereal echoes. Already making waves with releases on esteemed platforms like Café de Anatolia and trndmsk, Seventh Soul emerged as a luminary in the melodic Tehranian scene, especially recognized for breathtaking remixes of the legendary Iranian singer M.R. Shajarian. These remixes, steeped in organic and ethnical elements, garnered millions of plays, setting the stage for Seventh Soul's grand entrance into the realms of Timeless Moment. The EP's centerpiece, "For a Dream", is a visionary cover of the iconic movie score "Requiem for A Dream." Here, Seventh Soul breathes new life into the timeless string melodies, infusing the track with powerful vocals and cutting-edge FX wizardry, elevating it to the status of a musical masterpiece. Meanwhile, the second track, "All Gone," unleashes a groovy piano house spectacle. Infused with Hollywood-style film vocals, this composition rides on exquisite piano lines and a precise groove, offering an emotionally charged rush through intricate harmonies and introspective realms. This marks a colossal debut in Timeless Moment for the Iranian maestro, poised to unveil his technical prowess to the world
[6:08] 1. Seventh Soul - For a Dream (Extended Mix)
[7:07] 2. Seventh Soul - All Gone (Extended Mix)
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