Comfortable Silence
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Axel N. - Comfortable Silence

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Artist: Axel N.
Title: Comfortable Silence
Catalog: YK031
Released: 09.02.2024
Type: Single
1. Axel N. – Comfortable Silence (04:17)

A groovy and percussive song, it starts with a dark atmosphere, slightly percussive in the beginning with a groovy rolling bass, bass hit and a fill bass. The first SEQ automated with cutoff appears in the second part of the track with the clap and the other percussive elements, a FX clap is also introduced with the Melody automated in many different ways and a short male Vocal. The breakdown stays dark and serious with the bass hit lower au tomated with the melody as well, the short male vocal, the SEQ and before the main drop a build up with the shaker,the rolling bass, snare roll and the melody full automated. Before the main drop a silent part with the male vocal, the main drop hits clean with the Kick Rolling Bass and the reverbered Clap fx. The tracks continues very percussive and groovy until the last part where it only remain the Kick/Bass/Hit Bass/Fill Bass and the shaker.

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