This Is My Life
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2Sher - This Is My Life

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Artist: 2Sher
Title: This Is My Life
Label: Phatbull
Catalog: PHAT128E
Released: 13.02.2024
Type: Single
Genre: Electronic, Dance
1. This Is My Life (Extended Mix) 4:07
2. This Is My Life 2:51

Dive into the captivating sounds of 2SHER's newest single, 'This Is My Life.' This chart-topping track boasts catchy vocals, a mesmerizing piano breakdown, and a pulse-pounding euro trance style that is sure to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. 2SHER is the 34-year-old musical virtuoso from Poland. From his early days at the Primary Music School to catching the attention of Armin van Buuren, 2SHER's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. With a debut album, 'RE:2SH,' and recent hits like 'Magic' and 'Don't Be Scared,' 2SHER's influence on the Polish dance music scene is undeniable. As a DJ, his genre-defying sets promise maximum euphoria on the dance floor. 'This Is My Life' isn't just a single; it's a testament to 2SHER's relentless pursuit of musical excellence. Brace yourself for a sonic experience that transcends boundaries and defines the essence of this formidable artist. Don't miss out on the magic!

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