Ablazing Six of Woody van Eyden
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Woody van Eyden & Rene Ablaze & Ferrin & Low & Dj Shog - Ablazing Six of Woody van Eyden

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Title: Ablazing Six of Woody van Eyden
Catalog: ABLS023
Released: 07.06.2024
Type: EP
After many successful years bringing you the latest and greatest of trance, it is now time to bring back what made Ablazing what it is today. Continuing with our favourite tracks from one of our most respected artists, we bring you six amazing tracks from Ablazing regular, Woody van Eyden We hope this series takes you back to a special time in your life, reminiscing to the great sounds of Ablazing.
01. Woody Van Eyden - All My Life (Maarten de Jong Extended Remix) [05:44]
02. Woody Van Eyden - Si-N+R-Je (DJ T.H. Extended Remix) [06:52]
03. Ferrin & Low - Breeze (Woody van Eyden Extended Remix) [07:00]
04. Woody Van Eyden - Emotional Breath (Extended Mix) [06:39]
05. DJ Shog - Make The Sun Rise (Woody van Eyden Extended Remix) [07:33]
06. Woody Van Eyden - Pure Magic (Sound of Coffee) (Extended Mix) [06:58]

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