Secret Stars
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Ancient Astronaut - Secret Stars

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Title: Secret Stars
Catalog: AS0159
Released: 31.05.2024
Type: EP
1. Ancient Astronaut – Secret Stars (05:18)
2. Ancient Astronaut – Solar Winds (06:11)
3. Ancient Astronaut – Ethereal Mists (04:14)
4. Ancient Astronaut – Clouds of Dreams (04:38)

Secret Stars, is a space-themed ambient EP by French artist Ancient Astronaut, that invites listeners on an otherworldly journey through its celestial soundscapes and cosmic textures. Each track within the EP unfolds like a cosmic revelation, blending ethereal textures and transcendent tones to create an immersive sonic experience. Ancient Astronaut's artistry in "Secret Stars" paints a vivid picture of the vast and mysterious expanse of space, making it a captivating and introspective exploration of the cosmic unknown.

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