Universe in Flames
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Yota & Johan Agebjörn & Douze - Universe in Flames

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Title: Universe in Flames
Released: 03.07.2024
Type: Single
Swedish synthwave singer Yota (releases on NRW Records, Junior Boy's Own, Strictly Rhythm + collabs with Alan Braxe, Lifelike etc) is back with an exciting new EP made together with Johan Agebjörn (of Sally Shapiro, signed to Italians Do It Better). The EP features dark, moody and melodic synthwave/synth pop with established guest producers/remixers in the synthwave/nudisco scenes. Johan's feeling for melancholic electronic pop matches perfectly with Yota's recognisable vocal style and meaningful lyrics
[4:31] 1. Yota & Johan Agebjörn & Douze - Universe in Flames

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