Electroscandia 2021
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Onova - Electroscandia 2021

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Artist: Onova
Title: Electroscandia 2021
Label: Onova Music
Released: 08.09.2021
Type: Single
Released back in 2006 "Elektroscandia" would be considered the first single by Christian Lejon under his "Onova" guise. The track was signed in back in 2005 by Australian based record label "Trancetribe Recordings".

Now 15 years later it makes it return with a fresh 2021 rework. While most of the elements has been kept original, the track has got a bit of a makeover on the kick, bass and synths. Along side the reword there is the original 2005 version and a never released long version. Both have been remastered and freshened up.

The longer original version was cut due to it being over 11 min long. Also the original name was actually "Electroscandia" with a C and not "Elektroscandia" with a K. So we corrected that now
01. Onova - Electroscandia (Onova's 2021 Rework) [08:36]
02. Onova - Electroscandia (Original 2005 Mix) [08:58]
03. Onova - Electroscandia (Original Unreleased Mix) [11:34]

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