Portals & Potions
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Stranger Than Fiction & Psyrra - Portals & Potions

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Title: Portals & Potions
Catalog: RCKTTT010
Released: 11.10.2021
Type: EP
Introducing Stranger Than Fiction. A brand new dynamic husband and wife duo from the United States. Compromised of the legendary Jirah (Tim McCall) and influential E11even ( Liz Wheeler). Stranger Than Fiction is here to reshuffle the deck in the pantheon of who’s who in North American Psy Trance.
Relentless, groovy, uplifting and truly psychedelic. All adjectives that describe the polished and precision production of STF. Tracks that have the clarity and edge of Europe or Israel but coming from Denver, Colorado.

Having released 2 prior singles under the Jirah vs E11even moniker ( Booty Tangers and Crazy Pills), Stranger Than Fiction is now letting fly with their debut EP Portals and Potions.
Their first full EP under the new official project name. Sculpted Sounds is honored to be the platform to bring this creative endeavor to the public's ears and the dancers feet.

Featuring the driving morning melodic Perpetuation and the dance floor friendly brain melting Freeform, the latter being an outstanding collaboration with Denver Colorado based Psyrrano.
Stranger Than Fiction is loudly announcing their arrival and presence with Portals and Potions on Sculpted Sounds
01. Stranger Than Fiction - Perpetuation (Original Mix) [06:30]
02. Stranger Than Fiction & Psyrra - Freeform (Original Mix) [06:35]

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