Reach Through The Stars
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Stranger Than Fiction - Reach Through The Stars

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Title: Reach Through The Stars
Catalog: SSEP15
Released: 27.04.2022
Type: EP
The powerhouse duo of Stranger Than Fiction are back again. After massive chart topping success with their debut EP Portals and Potions , the husband/wife duo of Jirah and E11even are back with Reach Through The Stars. Sculpted Sounds is excited to bring forth what is a pair of absolute dance floor weapons.
With a title track inspired by their home on the “space coast” in Florida, a place that instantly conjures images of some of humankinds daring and noble pursuits to break the bonds of earth and explore space beyond. Reach Through The Stars is a track of pure class. Groove centric but with a powerful and unrelenting pace, this rocket ship of track is pure style. A little classic flair, but modern sound and all power.
Daily Dose takes a little more of a heady turn. Fun psychedelia for the discerning dance floor. If the title track is the rocket ship, then Daily Dose is the more esoteric discovery we are blasting off to.
Both tracks bring a distinct focus on steady groove, high energy, spacious production that is becoming the hallmark of Stranger Than Fiction and that is also what you have come to know and expect from Sculpted Sounds
1. Reach Through The Stars 07:01
2. Daily Dose  07:00
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