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Ahmed Romel - Enouement

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Artist: Ahmed Romel
Title: Enouement
Catalog: BLS244
Released: 06.06.2016
Type: Single
1. Enouement (Original Mix) 7:50
2. Enouement (Radio Edit) 4:20

Blue Soho resident Ahmed Romel is the mastermind behind tracks like Victory' and Saudade who now returns with the fresh one Enouement'.

Coming with classical Ahmed Romel sounds,Enouement' is graced with a blissful orchestral breakdown which progresses into an intense drop feeding the fans of the uplifting sound with a massive flow. The nocturnal harmonies give the atmosphere a rather melancholic and moody tone. A steady pulse of the bassline dominates the first part, preparing for the break in which the main element of the track is introduced; an ascending vocal melody which carries throughout the rest of the track, laying the harmonic foundation for the main leads that chant their own solitary theme.
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Не лучший трек Ромеля
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Не лучший трек Ромеля Показать больше
Не знаешь, как тут можно дизлайк поставить?
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Не знаешь, как тут можно дизлайк поставить? Показать больше
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