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Ahmed Romel - Vanaheim

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Artist: Ahmed Romel
Title: Vanaheim
Catalog: BLS295
Released: 27.10.2017
Type: Single
1. Vanaheim (Original Mix) 7:53

Don't you miss the classic epicness of Captain Soho, Ahmed Romel? well then, here is a treat for you which hereby comes in the form of 'Vanaheim' from none other than him

He delivers a seriously epic and moving trance record to please the fans of the classic sound where he carves it around with the use of his top notch producing skills. Vanaheim offers full use of his quality signature sound and injects lots of feeling into Romel's rendition. A swell vocal gate gives goosebumps whereas the driving bassline and classically crafted drums do the job on the uplifting behalf. A record to please all listeners of trance music.
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А вот уже топ релиз
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