Right Here
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Awakend & Dvrkcloud & Julia Beaudoin - Right Here

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Title: Right Here
Catalog: ENHANCED515E
Released: 07.01.2022
Type: Single
AWAKEND, DVRKCLOUD and Julia Beaudoin link up for triumphant new single 'Right Here'!

Kicking off the year in style on Enhanced is Minnesota producer AWAKEND, fresh from a momentous 2021 that saw him release outstanding EP 'Memories From Another Life'. On 'Right Here' he is joined by Indian producer DRVKCLOUD, who turned in a spectacular remix of the EP's opening track 'Don't Wake Me Up', as well as talented Canadian singer Julia Beaudoin. The trio strike gold, with high-octane production from AWAKEND and DVRKCLOUD in the form of mammoth synths and punchy percussion layering perfectly with a soaring vocal from Beaudoin.
Awakend & DVRKCLOUD & Julia Beaudoin - Right Here 4:16
6 Jan 2022 в 21:04
мелодик дабстеп... это тренд какой то новый или я только из погреба вылез?Звучит как фьюче бэйс музыка под 140.
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