The Way Through (Remixes)
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Awakend - The Way Through (Remixes)

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Artist: Awakend
Title: The Way Through (Remixes)
Catalog: ENHANCED549RE
Released: 13.01.2023
Type: EP
AWAKEND's The Way Through' EP gets the remix treatment from a host of spectacular acts!

AWAKEND's second EP 'The Way Through' graced Enhanced in October last year, with his bass-heavy, high-octane sound shining brighter than ever. First up on remix duties for this outstanding remix release is Hausman - the American trance producer is one of Enhanced Progressive's most consistent names and his remix of 'Find My Way' is a belter of a record with gargantuan bass and electrifying production throughout. Next up is REMNANT.exe - the Albuquerque-based producer and pillar in the wave music scene brings his first contribution to Enhanced and it's a thrill-ride through and through as he remixes 'Walked Through Fire' with exquisite synth-work and dazzling melodies in spades. The already-released banger of a remix from Mazare & SYNTHYA of 'Feel The Same' is showcased once again, and capping off the remix pack is Enhanced Chill's silvershore - the British producer and multi-instrumentalist brings an emotive and nostalgic energy to 'Memories', with graceful piano, airy soundscapes and pristine percussion coming together in style.
1. Find My Way (Hausman Extended Remix) 5:49
2. Walked Through Fire (REMNANT.exe Remix) 4:01
3. Feel The Same (Mazare & SYNTHYA Remix) 4:13
4. Memories (silvershore Remix) 4:12

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