Mix The Vibe – Kaoz On King Street
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Kerri Chandler - Mix The Vibe – Kaoz On King Street

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Artist: Kerri Chandler
Title: Mix The Vibe – Kaoz On King Street
Catalog: KCD-205
Released: 01.01.1997
Type: Compilation
1. Kerri Chandler – Kaoz On King Street
2. Bassmental – Just Wanna Be With U (feat. Charles McDougald)
3. Kerri Chandler – Sunlight (feat. Hunter Hayes)
4. Carolyn Harding – Pick It Up
5. Kerri Chandler – Harder Gets Higher
6. Kerri Chandler – Hallelujah
7. Kerri Chandler – Be There
8. Tears Of Velva – The Way I Feel (’97)
9. Bassmental – It’s The Music (feat. Charles McDougald)
10. Kerri Chandler – Smoke (KAMI WA AI)
11. Kerri Chandler – Keep Me Inside
12. Kerri Chandler – I’m Ready (feat. Carole Sylvan)
13. Kerri Chandler – Restriction (feat. Gate-Ah)
14. Bassmental – Here-N-Now
15. Kerri Chandler – All About Love
16. Kerri Chandler – Come Home (feat. Wilma Beckford)

You can’t spell King Street Sounds without spelling Kerri Chandler! Since the inception of the label in 1993 Kerri has been an integral part in the molding of King Street’s musical identity as well as the identity of house music worldwide! With a myriad of iconic releases on the label over the years, we here at King Street Sounds have collected 16 of Kerri’s all-time standout releases and compiled them for our popular comp series “Mix The Vibe: Kaoz On King Street.” Expect to hear iconic singles such as “Kaoz On King Street,” “Pick It Up” feat. Carolyn Harding, ‘Halleulujah,” “Be There,” “It’s The Music,” “Keep Me Inside,” “All About Love,” “I’m Ready,” “IHere-N-Now,” and MORE!
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