Mr. K Digital Edits Vol.9
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VA - Mr. K Digital Edits Vol.9

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Artist: VA
Title: Mr. K Digital Edits Vol.9
Label: Self
Released: 08.08.2020
Type: Compilation
01 Labelle – What Can I Do For You (Edit By Mr. K).
02 Eddie Harris – Is It In (Edit By Mr. K).
03 LaBelle – Messin’ With My Mind (Edit By Mr. K).
04 James Wells – True Love Is My Destiny (Edit By Mr. K).
05 Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa_You Can’t Even Walk In The Park (Edit By Mr. K).
06 Sting – Pleasure (Edit By Mr. K).
07 Bob Marley – Is It Love (Edit By Mr. K).
08 Phill Collins – In The Air Tonight (Extended Edit By Mr. K).
09 The Edwin Hawkins Singers – Oh Happy Day (Edit By Mr. K).


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