Disco Death Machine
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EverLight - Disco Death Machine

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Artist: EverLight
Title: Disco Death Machine
Label: VII
Catalog: VII070
Released: 14.01.2022
Type: Single
A new year brings evolution in the VII camp as we welcome two new members to the family of shadows - Greg Downey and EverLight. Two diverse names at the cutting edge of tech that we feel will bring a powerful, fresh perspective on our musical output in the months to come. Here we kick off 2022 with a brand-new debut single from EverLight in the form of Disco Death Machine. This is a rock-hard sonic assault of pure funk with a gritty overtone of punk. Proper bone shaking stuff from a young artist who we feel is at the very cutting edge of the techno trance revolution. Welcome to the family EverLight.
EverLight - Disco Death Machine (Extended Mix) 7:42
жирная колбаса
19 Jan 2022 в 16:41
Подобную музыку услышать в 2022 году, это что-то! +5, спасибо.
21 Jan 2022 в 22:26
не любитель подобного, но здесь вышло круто
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