That Summer Day
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John Spider - That Summer Day

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Artist: John Spider
Title: That Summer Day
Label: Red Soho
Catalog: RDS049
Released: 25.12.2020
Type: Single
1. That Summer Day (Original Mix) 06:52
2. That Summer Day (Radio Edit) 03:32

Red Soho welcomes John Spider to make his label debut on Red Soho with an aptly named track 'That Summer day'

This medium paced proglifter is bound to warm you up on these cold winter days. Rhymical kick and bass grooves with a laidback piano melody give you a really summary beach vibe. The break is upbeat and happy and will have you nodding your head whilst smiling.
'That summer day' will transport you to your happy place, hit repeat and get yourself out of a funk with this one.
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