Earth x Moon x Sun
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Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Earth x Moon x Sun

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Title: Earth x Moon x Sun
Catalog: OSO003
Released: 26.10.2020
Type: Album
Every music producer dreams of a certain moment and one only, the release day of their own album.
This is THAT moment for Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique, two vets on the Romanian melodic techno scene and we are so glad that their album 'Earth x Moon x Sun' will be a milestone also for Outer Space Oasis but also for their careers as well as DJs and producers.
Through the union of Techno and Melodic, it is possible to create unexpected combinations and bring up hidden stories that reveal the flow of synchronicity present in the Universe.
Do you know that one record that keeps return to your memory in a sudden and mesmerizing way? That track that mysteriously is connected to you by a particular memory that you had in your life to which you connected the sound around you, smells, or visually remembers of a certain and memorable place or person from your existence?
This album is all about those feelings, those mystic connections in your head from the tiniest particle of an atom from your body to your whole self as a human being on Mother Earth.
The album is a majestic piece of audio poetry that transcends you to a far far away land and transports you to the Moon and back, all of these melting your expectations as the Sun breeze in a cold but shine day of winter.
We'll let you imagine your own landscape while listening to these creations from the heart.

1. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Another Earth (Original Mix) 8:23
2. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Earth Life (Original Mix) 7:36
3. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Echoes from the Moon (Original Mix) 8:03
4. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Footprints on the Moon (Original Mix) 7:32
5. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Memories From the Moon (Original Mix) 8:15
6. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Solar Flare (Original Mix) 7:07
7. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Sunlight (Album Intro) 5:09
8. Prove Them Wrong & Groovetique - Symphony on Earth (Original Mix) 7:00
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