Postcards From Mingonga
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East Cafe - Postcards From Mingonga

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Artist: East Cafe
Title: Postcards From Mingonga
Catalog: GWM042
Released: 04.01.2021
Type: EP
East Cafe presents Postcards from Mingonga EP at GWM
East Cafe is a very good friend of GWM, he was one of the first artists to trust our brand in 2014.
Ga'bor Kasza's, the renowned Hungarian artist known as East Cafe printed his music four times on our label:
Nikko.Z Cunacolo East (Cafe Remix) Unique Series The Remixes Pt. 2,
East Cafe - No Need to Hide (Original Mix) No Need to Hide EP,
East Cafe- Higher Than Ever (Original Mix) Unique Series II and,
East Cafe - A Lullaby for an Insomniac (Original Mix) Unique Series III.
All those tracks with much support of excellent artists and very good reviews of the progressive house scene.
This time is special because as East Cafe announced it to the press, the artist releases four original tracks of his creation for GWM.
(Postcards from Mingonga,Bring the Lights, Bermuda, and Barlang)
This new work represents the permanent evolution in the musical quality of an excellent artist, much loved and respected. For its sound that characterizes it with sweet melodies, vocals that bristle the skin and a modern progressive.
In this production we find the best East Cafe with a very well thought out and dynamic construction of the stories.
The effects and sounds are aggressive but detailed. The producer comes out kicking the board with his best creation in late 2020.
Get ready to dance and fly.
The inspiration behind the name Postcards from Mingonga EP, is the reason why his new work has much more passion, love and vitality.
Mingonga is the name of the imaginary island of the little son of Ga'bor.
This is a tribute to the innocent and dreamy imagination of his little boy . Also the respect for music and the freedom to create, gives a special distinction to the personality of this EP.

1. East Cafe - Postcards from Mingonga (Original) 8:49
2. East Cafe - Bring The Lights (Original) 8:43
3. East Cafe - Bermuda (Original) 7:52
4. East Cafe - Barlang (Original) 8:01
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