Forest City
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Maria Chiara Argiró - Forest City

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Title: Forest City
Catalog: 810874 025418
Released: 06.05.2022
Type: Album
1.Home 01:34
2.Forest City 04:46
3.Greenarp 03:34
4.Bonsai 03:36
5.Clouds 02:41
6.Blossom 03:31
7.Skyr 01:59
8.Treehouse 05:14

Maria Chiara Argirò (pronounced ma-REE-ah key-AH-rah r-gee-ROW) has been quietly weaving her way around the UK jazz, classical and electronic worlds since she moved to London from Rome 11 years ago. But with her new album, Forest City, she finds a glistening thread between these movements: it marks her out as an exciting rising electronic artist, where jazz meets Kelly Lee Owens, Jon Hopkins and Radiohead. It’s a concept record, about the “duality of nature and city”, and where organic sounds and textures seem to flow above the urban sprawl.
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