Voices in the Night
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MicroMatscenes - Voices in the Night

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Artist: MicroMatscenes
Title: Voices in the Night
Released: 18.06.2022
Type: Album
1.Horizon 05:48
2.I could not forget 04:18
3.Sensual perfume 04:42
4.Mall ghosts 03:33
5.Falling stars 04:17
6.The way you walk 04:00
7.Tomorrow 03:14

The night is the cradle of dreams, thoughts that take shape and start dancing in front of our incredulous eyes.
It’s also the right moment to look back and face our delusions, our fears, our inner demons. With short or chopped vocals like fleeting impressions, powerful beats and charming warm synths, this journey is filled with nostalgia, love for all kinds of retro aesthetics, wobbling and saturated like an old recording, alive and vibrant like the music of today. Sit down and let the night kiss and swallow you; you’re gonna love tomorrow’s azure sky even more.
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