Here With Me
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Omar Sherif & Susie Ledge - Here With Me

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Title: Here With Me
Label: FSOE
Catalog: FSOE648
Released: 16.09.2022
Type: Single
One of the biggest ID's of 2022 is revealed! Having been an ID in Aly & Fila's live sets since Transmisson at the o2 Arena Prague 2021 and making an appearance in front of the worlds biggest stages around the world, many have sought to know the identities behind this version of Dido's classic 'Here With Me'. We're proud to announce Omar Sherif & Susie Ledge are responsible for creating this brilliant cover and turning it into an uplifting trance anthem!
1. Here With Me 04:04
2. Here With Me (Extended Mix) 07:46
16 Sep 2022 в 01:48
18 Sep 2022 в 00:35
спс Серж хоть с тебя качать можно
19 Sep 2022 в 00:57
Thanks for the flac quality, they really did a great job in this cover it's very beautiful.
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